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Why I Like My Lippy

I love makeup, always have done, probably following my mum's example. She rarely went out without at least some lipstick on - she wasn't a Barbara Cartland type but she always looked neat and pretty.

So why am I writing to you about a new range (well actually it's 5 years old) that you can now try, with me, before you buy? Well it started about 8 or maybe 10 years ago when my usual Autumn lipstick just looked plain awful. I was horrified and very upset but it was clear, it no longer looked good, just made me look tired and drawn. The realisation then dawned that my skin tone was changing, my hair colour no longer dark brown, I was no longer 21! The fact is as we age we gradually lose melanin which results in a sort of 'fading', so we have less colour in our eyebrows, the eye area, cheeks and lips. It is, unfortunately, a time when many women give up on makeup thinking it is just for the young. But no! If you still want to wear it you can - and this range fits the bill nicely.

I was drawn to this range after a shopping trip for some new makeup, following my devastating realisation, and being totally confused and over whelmed with the row upon row of lipsticks, mascaras etc etc. I had no idea where to start or what I wanted so I went home! Look Fabulous Forever came up on my Face Book feed so I took a look and the rest, as they say, is history. If this is ringing any bells or you would just like to have a change then please let me know. I will be delighted to show you the full range which you can try in the comfort of your own home or here. Either on your own or with a few friends. Whatever suits you. And with your first order there is a 10% discount! Contact me on 07761374093 by email aromachris@sky.com Or message me on http://www.Facebook.com/Pearlaroma I look forward to sharing Look Fabulous Forever with you soon.