Products are made especially for you with Pure Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Flower Essences. All are made with high quality ingredients and no parabens.

Harnessing the best from nature to improve your well-being.

Products are totally natural and completely additive free that are kind to the skin and suitable for all of the family.

Creams, Lotions & Oils





Healing & Soothing

Payment can be made by -  Credit Cards, Cash, Direct Bank Transfer and PayPal


 Hands, Feet or Body

60mls - £7.25
120mls - £11.00

Body Lotion

With Shea Butter

125mls - £10.00
250mls - £17.00

Massage Oil

Price quoted is for an Almond and Sunflower Oil base (Other oils can be supplied under advice)

50mls - £6.50

125mls - £11.00
250mls - £19.00

Creams & Oils



Skin Cleanser

In A Glass Bottle

125mls - £7.25
200mls - £11.50

Skin Tonic

With Floral Waters

125mls - £6.25
200mls - £10.00

Facial Cream

With Lucscious Oils

60mls - £9.00





With Shea Butter

125mls - £8.00
250mls - £13.00

125mls - £8.00



Bubble Bath

Super Foamy & Gentle

125mls - £8.75
250mls - £14.25

Shower Gel

Super Soft & Foamy

125mls - £8.00



Room Spray

Insect repellent & travel

125mls - £8.50

Sleep Sprays

Concentrated to go further

50mls - £6.00


Healing & Soothing


Handy to carry with you. Currently available are relief from colds, sinus congestion, allergic rhinitis, anxiousness, bites and spots

12mls - £6.00

Aloe Vera Gel

Cooling and healing

60mls - £7.00
120mls - £11.00

Prices are correct as at January 2017, however they may be changed without notice due to fluctuations in the ingredient market.

Pearlaroma has been developed following requests from my clients for toiletries they can use daily that do not contain harmful additives. Consequently we have sourced base products that do not contain Parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) all of which have given cause for concern among many people. The ingredients for the bases are detailed under product information.  We then add blends of pure essential oils that have the desired therapeutic effect, these blends have been tested over many years to ensure their effectiveness. Each Pearlaroma product is made specifically for that client, taking into account their problem, health, age and need. Or we can make a product for you because you like the fragrance but  want to reduce your exposure to potentially  harmful additives.

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