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I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years now ( we’re now in 2020) and as part of my training to understand the whole person ( mind, body and spirit) I studied a diploma in Diet and Nutrition, alongside Aromatherapy, Massage and Flower Essence Therapy. This helps me to treat everybody as (w)holistically as possible.

Having reached my 60’s a couple of years ago I felt I needed to look at my own health and take further steps to protect and nourish the complex being that I am. I wanted to enjoy a happy, healthy retirement and I knew that was down to me.

I started my research in 2 key areas – diet and found a system that suited me and has allowed me to feel well and stay at a suitable weight.

The other area was in supplementation – what a minefield. So many out there, all offering so much. However, having taken many different brands/supplements over the years, I knew they were not all equal and many just did not deliver.


A good friend and my Flower Essence Tutor Sara Estelle Turner suggested I look at an area I had never heard of before – Glycans and Glycoscience. She had been taking these for many years with such good results and being someone I could wholeheartedly trust, I dived in to investigate.

Glycans are essential for cell communication, this all made so much sense (everything in the body is connected) and I have continued to read and learn about this amazing subject which, unfortunately is not widely understood by many.

Consequently, I have been taking unique glycan supplements for over 2 years and can feel the benefits on many levels. Now is the time for me to share them with you. We are currently in an unprecedented time and it is so important for us to look after our health. With the current levels of nutrition in our foods sadly declining, we need to look to supplements to help our bodies function properly and well. 

Below is a short video sharing with you what Glycans are and how important they are to us.

With thanks to Utrecht University for this video.