Flower Essences


Flower Essences were first developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s, he recognised the different healing vibrations coming from plants, trees and flowers (38 in all) and that they could balance the various emotional problems being experienced by man.
Flower Essences support our emotional health and can bring about balance and harmony within us. They are very powerful and can help us create change – if we want it.

Flower in Hand

Since their discovery Therapists and Healers all over the world have discovered many more plants and gems/crystals that have amazing properties. This enables me to work with Essences from all over the world*, all bringing unique gifts to us to help us with the many challenges facing us.
They are safe for all the family, including our pets.

Natural Medicine

Consultations take place in my log cabin set in my garden in Uckfield close to Lewes, Heathfield and Crowborough in East Sussex. I can also talk to you by phone or Skype if you prefer.
If you are already a Flower Essence person I can make a dosage bottle of any essence I stock or combination on request.

White Flowers

Flower Essences I work with:

  • The Bach Flower Essences

  • Australian Bush Essences

  • Indigo Essences

  • Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences

  • Moonflower Essences from France and Southern England

  • Spirit in Nature Essences

  • Fox Mountain Essences from America

  • Flower Essence Society from America

  • Wild Medicine Essence from Glastonbury area, England

  • Flowers of the Orient Essences – wonderful essences especially for women.

"What we think, we become"


White Orchid Close Up