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Do you want to change ?

The days, weeks and years seem to be flying by and it is easy to get caught up in the day to day activities that make up your life. Before you know it, the children are leaving home or you’ve completed 25 years in the same job!


But deep down there’s something missing, something you’ve always wanted to do.

Don’t let age be a barrier. Don’t be put off because you’re told to ‘Act your age!’

It’s your dream – follow it.”

So what’s stopping you?  Lack of confidence? Guilt? There are loads of excuses we can come up with but if you really want to change…..then come and talk to me in a safe space, it's your time, your dream.

With the support of Flower Essences anything is possible.

Flower Essence

This is a powerful modality first recognised and developed by Dr Bach in the 1930’s. Flower Essences support our Emotional Health.

They are very powerful and can bring about some amazing changes.


Unusually, this Essential Oil is distilled from 2 species of cultivated fresh grass (to gather from the wild would make it too expensive). It has a strong, sweet lemony fragrance that is familiar to many of us.

It is an excellent oil to energise and lift the spirits and is well known as an Insect Repellent, it’s certainly included in the one I make. But it is also helpful in respiratory infections and excellent on aching muscles, as it helps to eliminate lactic acid and stimulates the circulation.


It is especially good on tired legs that stand for long periods. However, it is a strong oil and I would recommend only using it in a low dosage in a treatment or product.

It can also help relieve jet lag – so a good Oil to have about during the summer months!

Paw Paw

This very pretty flower is from the Paw Paw tree, an evergreen found in America, India, Tahiti &

Northern Australia. The Essence I use is from the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

When would I use it? If struggling with a decision, especially the big ones, it allows us to access our

higher self – which is where our answers lie.

Often when trying to make an important decision, many of us feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of choosing the best course of action. This fast-acting essence will quickly resolve these feelings.

It is also useful when we’ve been subjected to lots of new information and ideas, it brings about

clarity allowing us to assimilate all this new stuff!

Great at exam time – but also when starting out in

a new job or school/university.

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Mission Statement

“My mission? To support you whether you’re 50 or 80, no matter what your age you still count!

Whether you have a long-held dream to realise or you feel, deep down, there is

something missing. I am here to support you as you take each step.

The tools I use are all on this site – I use them everyday to support me. Let me

show you how they can help and support you.

There are more and more women who are achieving great things later in life – are you

one of them?”

“Here’s a two-step formula for handling stress

Step 1 Don’t sweat the small stuff

Step 2 Remember, it’s all small stuff”

Anthony Robbins – Unlimited Power

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